Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Ma'am with love

I need not underline the importance of a teacher in a student’s life and how one good teacher can make all the difference. I can’t thank my eighth grade teacher enough who in many ways changed the way I looked at myself. While shopping with my mom who’s been teaching for over three decades, it was not unusual for us to bump into one of her old students, always filled with so much gratitude and appreciation for her selfless service. I read somewhere that a good teacher is a like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others!
Anyway, for young children starting school, their outlook towards learning is in most ways is shaped by the teacher in the school. When it’s time to take the big step, every parent will tell you that dropping them off, the first few days, is one of most painful experiences you wouldn’t wish on anyone. One individual who can help ease all the tension for your little one is the teacher. For the first few days, a major incentive for Abhay to go to school was his teacher Ms. Felicia and her bear hugs!
So today when I read about a teacher named Mrs. Millie being silly, he was all giggly!! “Don’t be silly, Mrs. Millie!” by Judy Cox and Illustrated by Joe Mathieu is about a teacher and her rhyming banter with her kindergarten class. The amused kindergartners can’t stop laughing when Mrs. Millie asks them hang up their goats instead of coats, write on paper with their penguins instead of pencils, announces the lunch menu to be gorilla cheese sandwich instead of grilled cheese!! The children love being teased this way and join in the fun when they bid her goodbyes at the end of the day saying “See you gator”! (As in alligator). With its infectious humor and hilarious illustrations complementing Mrs’ Millie’s silly mistakes, this is a pre-schooler’s Comedy of errors!


  1. Very true.Teachers do make a very deep impact on us.Wasn't Ms.Lakshmi your 8th grade teacher?She is also one of my favorite teachers.she used to teach us English.I must say our english period was the most awaited class of the day.Just love the way she taught!! Its so nice remembering her.nostalgia!!

  2. Yes...it was Ms Lakshmi! I'll never forget her class!! It's nice that we can recollect those memories Shilpa!!:-)