Friday, January 7, 2011

Rescue Operation

Abhay goes to pre-school everyday carrying a nice little bag-pack. Once school is done, the bag-pack gets a makeover. It is no longer just a bag for his snacks but a bag with a purpose…….a ‘Rescue bag’ like the one that Dora the Explorer is equipped with. So every day after school, Abhay goes around the house pretending to be a Superhero armed with his most important weapon “Rescue Bag”! I guess like anybody else, kids too want to feel powerful and invincible in their own little pretend world. Thanks to characters like Dora and Diego…..I have my four year old son pacing about his room proclaiming “Abhay to the Rescue” …..all set to save the troubled subjects of Abhayland!
If your kid loves the rescue job, he’ll love “Preschool to the Rescue” by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. I read this book today to an audience of Abhay and his best friend who both seemed immersed in the rescue operation undertaken by a bunch of preschoolers who managed to pull out formidable engines like pizza van, police car, tow truck and a fire engine from a deep mud puddle. That’s not all; the precocious preschoolers do a thorough job of cleaning up the messy muddy puddle. I wish my preschooler would clear the messy muddle of toys in his room………..wishful thinking!!! Of course, eventually it will be “Mommy to the Rescue”!!!

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