Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love at first sight!

Children often experience love at first sight! Its true…they fall in love the minute they set their eyes on a doll, a ball, a toy airplane or a toy truck. Like adults, they quickly fall out of love once they get their object of affection!:-) Unlike adults though, they live in the moment ….relentless in their desire for the toy, feigning complete memory loss of countless number of similar toys lying unwanted at home. Ready to do anything to get what they want, they turn a deaf ear to all logic and bribery! Sometimes, it seems as if the toy has cast some sort of a strange spell on your vulnerable child, who's unable to let go. It makes more sense after you read the Don Freeman classic called “Corduroy”! A must read for any kid who has a soft spot for soft toys and of course any kid who loves to dress up!

Corduroy, a cute little teddy bear dressed in green overalls sits on the toy shelf of a department store. He realizes he’s missing a button when a lady points out to her daughter who is hell-bent on taking the adorable teddy home. Not wanting to jeopardize his chances of a being purchased by an eager customer, Corduroy decides to look for his lost button after the store's closing hours. When trying to find the missing piece of his attire, he goes on a discovery tour of his grand store making a mountain out of an escalator, a palace out of the home furniture division and mistaking the mattress pins for his missing button. He finally gets a button sewed into his overalls, by the little girl who comes back to buy the teddy she fell in love with. Corduroy sets out on another quest in search of a pocket for his overalls in the sequel “A Pocket for Corduroy” by the same author. You cant help falling in love with this adorable teddy yourself!!

Don’t be surprised if your pre-schooler regresses into wanting to wear Overalls again… mine did!


  1. Divya
    I donot know whether the litlle girl got t
    he corduroy, but achhu has both corduroy and
    a pocket in a corduroy!!!

  2. Oh yes....after reading Corduroy, he made sure of that!