Monday, January 10, 2011

Love in action!

Every day I drive Abhay to school and see him off with a customary ‘good bye–have fun-see you later!’ As I walk out, I see other parents saying their good-byes and always following it up with “I love you!!! I've often wondered that we all love our children, but do we have to spell it out every single day? Do they even know the meaning of it? We never had our parents blurting out “I love you” every other day, but we seldom doubted it….did we? At the same time, I realized that there is no harm in being demonstrative with your kids and that is something (amongst many others) we need to learn from the Westerners. It does feel good when once in a while you let them know " I love you" and they reciprocate with " I love you too"!

As you may see, Im a little sentimental today and the same is reflected in the book that I read to Abhay.. “Did I tell you I love you today” by Deloris and Roslyn M Jordan and illustrated by Shane W Evans. This is more like a tribute to parents in general and brings out the power of love for their children. A mother’s love is the driving force behind all that she does for her child, from waking up her little ones to tucking them to bed at night-actions speak louder than words! Parents may not always express their love in words but their love is always behind their actions, their anger, their persistence and their endurance. So this book helps you make your little one understand that when he’s asked to finish up his vegetables, all your saying is “I love you’!!

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  1. Nicely said... however I am not on board on the need to say "I love you" to your child or mother or wife, it is implicit, saying it aloud makes it sound artificial(purely my opinion).