Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Books!

Abhay now is at an age where he is well aware of what books are meant for. The same could not be said about him a couple of years ago. Books have earlier been used as a headgear or a toy or its pages allowed Abhay an ample pleasure of being torn apart!! It was only when my dear friend bought him a couple of lift-a-flap books by Karen Katz that he realized its true value! We’ve never looked back since then. Thanks Rama!
Today I read a nice little book that can serve as an eye opener for innocent page-rippers -simply titled “The Wonderful Book” by Leonid Gore. Once upon a time, (as all kids begin their story narration this way), a rabbit came across a wonderful object. Clueless about what the object was meant for, he thought it could serve as cozy house for him until forcibly claimed by a bear who growls “That’s mine” !! ( He must have overheard those words in a play-date!!) The bear decides to wear it as a hat until it falls off as he munches on his snack. The hat looks like a picnic table for a family of mice making it a perfect spot to enjoy their dinner. At sunset, the house- turned-hat-turned-table now warms up as a sleeping bag for a tired fox! The following morning, a little boy bumps into this amazingly multi-tasking object and knows exactly what to make of it! He gathers all the animals around him who keenly listen on and agree that it is a wonderful book indeed! A wonderful way to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of books!


  1. Hey catching up on your reading, I am enjoying reading through your blog.
    One book suggestion is a Russian book that I enjoyed a lot when I was young - "When Daddy was a little Boy" by Alexander Raskin. A lot of short stories of a boy growing up as told by his daughter.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion...will look it up!