Friday, January 14, 2011

Monsoon Cravings!!

We live in the Northwestern region of the US where it’s perpetually raining; Mostly overcast skies, wet roads and incessant rain almost all year round. Rain in this area is a lot of different from the monsoon in India. The rainy weather is cold and a lot less humid than the Indian monsoon season which in fact gives much need relief from the tropical heat. When the temperatures drop during winters, we have freezing rain that makes the roads too slippery to drive. Certainly not the romanticized version of monsoon portrayed in the books that I read to Abhay today.

First one being “Monsoon” by Uma Krishnaswami and illustrated by Jamel Akib and the second one titled “Monsoon Afternoon” by Kashmira Sheth and illustrated by Yoshiko Jaeggi. Abhay quite liked the second book as it revolved around a young boy and his affectionate bond with his grandpa just like the one Abhay shares with his grandpa. As the dark rain clouds gather in the sky, a young boy rushes home looking for company to play in the afternoon rain. No one seems to spare any time to play with him. No one except his beloved Grandpa! Grandpa takes him on a rainy adventure around town – enjoying sailing paper boats on puddles, watching the peacocks dance, swinging bamboo roots and picking last of the season’s mangoes. Soaked to skin, they walk back home leaving their muddy foot prints on the floor annoying grandma who orders them to clean up. I could see Abhay already planning the same adventure with his grandpa in India.

Abhay and his grandpa exploring the waters in the Pacific Northwest last year. Any plans of doing an encore this year ...appa?

Monsoon”, a story by Uma Krishnaswami, set in a typical Indian city in the midst of the sweltering heat of an Indian summer. It’s a time when you think you cannot bear the heat any longer and the whole country is praying for an early monsoon. The little girl finds that the burning question in everyone’s mind from her parents’, to the people at the tea stall and to the news reader on the radio is- when will monsoon hit the city? The girl is also aware of another dreaded question everyone is afraid to ask– what if the monsoon never arrives? Not being aware of the importance of monsoon in India, Abhay seemed more intrigued by its detailed illustration of an India with the mandatory presence of cows on the roads! Anyway, wherever the rain may be, one thing common to Indians everywhere – cant help craving for pakodas!:-)


  1. Yes why not? I shall take Abhay along the banks of nearby river Nethravaty or along our artificially created water body with in our farm by nala bunding across the stream. There is good spread water body to a length of over 250' and depth of around 10'.Achhu can float over the water body to its length and breadth sitting on a "Theppa" or Rubber float which Raja has promised to bring from USA on return. I shall send you a few snaps by seeing which you can visualise what I am saying. Looking forward to enjoying time with Achhu after next monsoon in our farm/water body.