Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Funny Definitions!

Staying on the subject of classics, today I read three other books written by Ruth Krauss. “A very Special House”, “The Happy Day” and lastly “A hole is to dig’. My son enjoyed the last one in particular, 'A Hole is to dig' by the team of Ruth Kruass and Maurice Sendak.. Described as a first book of definitions, it is a book of little definitions of everyday mundane things that often turn out to be an exciting discovery for our kids. The funny illustrations only complement the hilarious definitions. Some of them, being - A hole, according to the author, is to dig; Dogs are to kiss people; Toes are to wiggle; A whistle is to make people jump and so on. It’s a great book to let your kid’s imagination run wild. This reminds me of word association games with answers reflecting your state of mind. I had Abhay give out his own definitions of a couple of words in the book. For instance, a face, according to Abhay is to make an angry face! (Grumpy little fella!); Hands are to fly as an airplane (his dad took an early morning flight today); a party is to eat cake ( Of course!); Last one had me laughing out loud – a whistle is to come out of a cooker! (his pressure cooker phobia!) This book inspired me to come up with my own definitions.

Pre –school – 3 hours of heaven at home!

Play date – playing umpire in a game of tug of war

Lego blocks – A new form of décor at every corner of your house

Grandparents – Experiencing sibling rivalry with your own child!

Nap time – Something to thank God for!


  1. Divya,
    Your definition of grandparents is hilarious!!!

  2. Thanks amma...
    Abhay is like the sibling I never had when it comes to vying for appa's attention!:-)