Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jurassic world

I have never been able to understand the American fixation with Dinosaurs! The highlight in many of the US museums would be the giant fossil of dinosaurs occupying the center stage. Of course, it is interesting to learn about these mammoth creatures that once dominated the earth. But this seems more than just fascination and borders on obsession, especially with children’s books or television programming. Since most of the time, I end up being the default audience for Abhay’s TV shows, Im bored of his Dinosaur characters assuming children’s personalities having similar issues and complexes. Who knows, tomorrow, I’ll probably find my son wanting to grow up to be a T-Rex! I’m not sure if kids in growing up in India share the same curiosity. We weren’t all that crazed, at least not until Jurassic park. I wonder if this fascination is in anyway related to our yearning for the world that was! But hey….the world of today isn’t bad either…..'We' are in it..right?!

Anyway, today I read two books on two of the most famous species of Dinosaurs – the colossal Sauropod and the ferocious Tyrannosaurs, commonly known as the T-Rex. The wonderful thing about these two books by Kate & Jim McMullan are that they are entertaining both for kids as well as adults. The first one is titled “Im Big” is about a lost sauropod who overslept and got left behind. While he looks for his herd, he is attacked by some predators half his size. But the mild herbivore that he is, showing off isn’t one of his specialties. Because of his huge size, running or hiding from the enemy is also not an option. Finally, mustering some courage, he realizes his true potential and succeeds in defending himself and dwarfing his rivals.

The second book is “Im Bad” and as the name suggests, the bad guy in the book is a roaring T-Rex. The fierce looking T Rex lets you know he’s a mean guy who rules the Dino world. As the raging theropod goes in search of food, he has trouble finding a decent meal. Despite being the deadliest beast in the forest, he cannot catch a prey! Ultimately, this tough guy has a soft spot for his mommy who brings him something to eat! Well….what can I say…Mommy knows best!:-)


  1. Divya,
    As you said I also cannot understand the fascination over Dinosaurs.But sometimes it is difficult to entertain
    the idea that world we live in is not bad.I know we must always think positive (as appa says)but mommy knows best!!1

  2. Amma...that holds good for me mommy knows best!