Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Xmas Season!

Since our big move back to India, we have pretty much settled down in namma Bengaluru and found ourselves not thinking of the US as often as we used to when we had just got back. But the only time I cannot but help think of the US is during Christmas! Being more than a year since we moved back to India, I realize that I can no longer claim the “repatriate” status (a term I recently discovered in Shobha Narayan’s “Return to India” used to describe the US returned) but I guess we can always take some leeway during the Christmas and vicariously indulge in the fa-la-la frenzy of the holiday season in the West. 

So though we didn’t put up any Christmas tree like we did in the US (with our Christmas tree  now lighting up our friend’s house in Portland), we still managed to hang  Christmas stockings and had our in-house Santa call on Abhay and his cousin Vikranth with gifts!


Whenever I am on the look-out for an Indian publication on special events, I can always count on Pratham publications to have one.  So I had Abhay read “Sam Christmas Present” by Annie Besant and Alicia Douza a Level 1 book brought out by Pratham publications. Sam is a curious about what was his Christmas gift this year. When he asked his mom and dad, they both tell him that is hidden in a gift-hunting. Below his father’s desk, he finds a gift wrapped box but with tag that tells him that the gift is for aunt Juju. He chances upon another gift wrapped box but is disappointed to see his uncle Alfie’s name on it’s tag. Wherever he searched, he found gift for someone else but not him! But as soon as Sam resignedly sat on the floor, he spotted a gift under his bed! Did Sam open it or put it back in what was supposed to the secret place? Well, Abhay didn’t agree with Sam’s decision to put it  back under his bed and supposedly wait for Christmas! So here's wishing Abhay and everyone else a little patience this Christmas season! Merry Xmas and have a happy new year!

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