Monday, December 3, 2012

Onestoryaday turns two!

It’s been two years since I started blogging at Onestoryaday: Reliving Childhood! Though stepping into what will only be my third year of blogging, I feel as if Onestoryaday has been a part of my life since forever! It’s the same feeling as once you become a mom, the memory of your pre-motherhood phase suddenly turns blurred! Anyway, this time last year, I felt good about being able to continue reading and blogging  despite our big move back to India. This year I feel good about being able to carry on blogging despite my big move back to work after a three year sabbatical! What began as an online chronical of our reading experiences has now turned into a passion for me! Reading  to my son has always been and still is  an enjoyable experience but what I didnt realise was how much I enjoyed writing about it, until I started a nice little blog to preserve these experiences for posterity. Blogging on Onestoryaday has helped me rediscover my passion, my interests and my motivation, and in short, myself! 

 So as all celebrations are synonymous with cake, whatever the kind, this one was celebrated with Abhay’s favorite cupcakes and some of the books I read this year with the best saved for last – my husband’s surprise personalized mugs for Onestoryaday’s author and the protagonist!

Visiting the children's section of the library or a book store has always made me feel like a kid in a candy store! While I had been spoilt for choices  when it came to interesting picture books in the US, having an easy and affordable access to good picture books has been a challenge in India, especially with regard to the foreign publications.   Though we have plenty of home grown publications dabbling into children's literature, we still have a long way to when compared to our western counterparts! Onestoryaday  has not only been my creative outlet but also served as  a platform for me to share my exciting discoveries in  children's literature with other parents.  So  here's giving a chance to my readers to share their favorite children's books with Onestoryaday! Like last year, this December too Onestoryaday invites all the readers to share  the books  you  have read as children or the books you love to read to your  children!Share them all with Onestoryaday!

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