Friday, December 28, 2012

Reminiscence of childhood

Hello Divya! Many congratulations on completing 2 years of your beautiful blog  - One story a day : Reliving childhood. It has been so good reading your blog. I like the bond you share with your son. Lucky Abhay! J

Today I would like to share some of my favourite books . My first introduction to the world of books was Ramayan - the great epic .There were many volumes. My dad used to read them to me as my bed time stories. As a result of  which I learnt the significance of “Dharma” (justice) and ”Sathya” (truth) along with the strength of character. 

Later I was gifted fairy tales and lovely books by my mom. They  mostly included the Walt Disney collection like Mickey mouse ,Donald duck, Goofy, Cinderella , Snow white , Sleeping beauty ,the Little Mermaid , 101 Dalmatians , Peter pan, the jungle book , Lady and the tramp , Aristocats , Tarzan and many more.

As a child I had a fetish for Enid Blyton’s books (it still continues).

Well, all these books taught me to dream a lot , have adventure and  lots of hope. My parents also wanted to discipline me so I was gifted self improvement books. These books have a great impact on me. They taught me how to think right. Among the self improvement books which I thought was a great gift to me was “The Road Less Travelled “ by M. Scott Peck. If  implemented , it is definitely life changing.

Whenever I feel like travelling my childhood again , all I have to do is go through some of these books. Voila ! I am back to the happiest place – my childhood.

I also love reading my dad’s  dairies .I feel alive J .

My  recent reads include The good earth ,Eat pray love , Catch 22.  

Here’s wishing you many more years of blogging. Thanks for inviting me again to contribute to your blog. It has been a delight sharing my favorites .


  1. Thanks Shilpa!A lovely post on your favorites that make you relive childhood! I love your blog and your thoughts on