Monday, December 24, 2012

Mythological Mania!

Abhay is fascinated with mythological stories, much to the delight of my traditional minded in-laws! J Ever since we brought home "Tales of Vishnu", Abhay is sold on the Amar Chitra Katha series, whose stall we didn’t miss at the Bangalore book festival. While visiting his Doctor recently, Abhay refused to let go of an Amar chitra Katha publication that he dug out from a book rack in the clinic’s waiting room (One of the biggest incentives for Abhay to visit his pediatrician!) In fact we were forced to remain in the clinic even after we were done with the check-up simply because Abhay hadn’t finished with the story of “Prahlad”!

So while browsing through an outlet of, an online bookstore at the Bangalore Lit fest, I stumbled upon a wonderful children’s book series on mythological stories called Umachi. Boy! was I glad to have laid my hands on the last copy of “The Pillar” by Sripriya Sundararaman Siva. Part of the Vishnu series, this is the story of Prahlad, the eternal devotee of Vishnu, much to the chagrin of his father Hiranyakashipu. With vibrant illustrations, Abhay was introduced to Prahlad’s resolve and unflinching devotion to Vishnu that foiled his father’s devious plans, including that of his father’s sister Holika   who turns into ashes in attempt to kill Prahlad. When Hiranyakashipu orders Prahlad to prove Vishnu’s presence in the pillar, he writes his own death warrant as Vishnu emerges from the pillar in a half man-half animal avatar called Narasimha, the fourth of  Vishnu’s Dashavataaras. Though no one can beat Amar Chitra Katha’s range, the Umachi series is based on a picture book format that appeals to children of all ages. So here’s recommending the Umachi series for your mythologically curious little ones!


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