Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dear divya warm hug and best wishes for completing two years of one story a day.
Here are few of my favourite books .
  1. Speed post,Spouse,Surviving men,Selective memory and Shobhaa at sixty all the books are by Shobhaa De- iam a huge fan of shobhaa de.
  2. "Power of Positive Thinking" by Dr Norman Vincent Peale,"Think and Grow Rich" byNapolean Hill,"The Monk who sold his Ferari "by Robin Sharma are my favourite self help books.
  3. "Tell me your Dreams" by Sidney Sheldon,i dont read fiction much ,i finished this book in one go ,i have read few novels but the name of this novel remains in my memory till date.
  4. "wisdom" - its my favourite since childhood even today i enjoy reading it...intresting and informative.
  5. Linda Goodman "Star Signs" the book changed my life and introduced me to the world of Astrology .
  6. "Journey through the Gaian Tarot" by Joanna Powell Colbert.
Thanks divya for inviting me to contribute to your blog.


  1. Thanks Pooja for sharing your favorite books. I love Speedpost too...a great guide book by Shobha De on parenting. Have you read her new book "Sethji"?
    Of course....who doesnt love Linda Goodman! Especially you ...since you found your calling!

  2. "sethji" is on,i had to take a break due to exams,now that exams are done i will complete reading the novel.I like DE's non fiction work,novelwise i have read sisters and now Sethji.
    I dont know if you remember,but i remember that when you went to buy speed post you had taken me along(during our college days),although i read speed post few years later.
    Thanks again!