Monday, September 19, 2011

I love school but not its homework!

When I graduated in 2002, I was really glad to be done with school, exams, tests and assignments! Little did I realize that all of this would come back to haunt me again when my son starts school and that too in India! The funny thing is that I didn’t feel any pressure when he was schooling in the US. For most parents returning to India after a stint in the US or any other western country, this is a major concern!  The transition from a relatively carefree system to a more rigorous pattern of schooling can be hard not on the kids but on the parents!!! I mean seriously, when my five year old returns home from school with homework to do, it is my ‘to-do’ list that gets updated! When the day’s homework is cursory writing in English, it is I who get nightmares about connecting a and m! If there are no homework instructions in his diary, it is me who is  most thrilled!!!  To the teachers of TSA, C’mon guys…..go easy on me …. I’ve just begun school……I mean… my son has just begun school! :-)
More than Abhay it was I who needed the book “I love School” by Philomen Sturges and illustrated by Shari Halpern. A little boy exclaims that he loves school; he loves the bus that comes his way to take him where he’ll spend his day; He loves to play with building blocks and draw pictures of speeding trains; When its recess, He loves to play on the slides and the swings and run and kick the ball in the playground; With recess done, it’s time to get some serious work done – count numbers 123 and write letters ABC which gets them ready for lunch. Lunch is followed by story time made all the more interesting by their teacher whom he likes the best!! A good book to be read to your little one who is starting preschool but you may attach a caveat that hidden conditions (homework) may apply!:-)

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