Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grandpa's boy!

Odgen Nash says when grandparents walk in through the door, discipline flies out of the window. I'm not sure if my parents would concur, but I couldn’t agree more!! While we look up to our parents for support when it comes to child care, it is also true that we wish they exhibit the same no-nonsense attitude with their grand-kids as they did with us! Of course, there is something magical about seeing your parents transform into doting grandparents! But there are times you wonder if they’ve actually forgotten how it feels to be a peeved parent of a fussy five year old! This is especially true with my dad for whom Abhay, the apple of his eye, is always infallible and the follies are all ....well ...mine! For instance, if Abhay doesn’t eat, the problem is in the food served! If he yells, he is imitating me! If he falls, it is I who has been careless! :-) In fact, when it comes to vying for my dad’s attention, it almost feels like sibling rivalry with my son!! 

Almost all grandparents believe that their grand-kids are nothing short of perfection personified and Abhay’s grandpa no exception! So a couple of days ago I had him read “My grandson is a genius” by Giles Andreae illustrated by Sue Hellard. A story narrated by a proud grandpa who cannot stop bragging about his extraordinarily ordinary grandson. The grandfather claims that his two year old grandson is a little genius though he is seen pointing at a dog when shown picture of a cat! He extols the mechanical abilities of his grandson predicting his future as a scientist as the little one shoves a sandwich into the CD player! Watching  his grandson sprint towards the pigeons in the park, the grandfather is certain of his grandson's Olympic medal even as the two year old loses balance and lands a fall! Of course, he is not the only one who believes that his grandson’s face is meant for being displayed in advertisements! Lastly, the grandpa is seen gushing as he admits to being told that his grandson is after all, just like him!! So appa….the next time Abhay points a finger at me……I’ll say he is imitating you!:-)


  1. Div, you seem to have bought a lot of books that you did not read for Abhay then. When are you starting with some interesting local stuff? I will look for some here in Delhi.

  2. Oh, but this book seems quite funny :). I should have posted after reading the latter bit too.