Saturday, September 24, 2011

Abhay's new bike!

Though we had lived in Portland for only three years, it was in Portland that my five year old spent most of his time till now. So as expected, it was in Portland he learnt to ride the bicycle…well …almost as he still requires training wheels!  Though we managed to ship most of his toys when we moved back to Bangalore, he only remembers the ones we left behind and his red bicycle is one of them! No ordinary bicycle, Abhay’s pride and joy was a Disney Cars bicycle. Of course, we found a worthy successor to the Disney bike – his friend Keshav, another Cars Aficionado!  

So for his birthday this year, when Abhay’s grandpa decided to gift him a bicycle, Abhay didn’t mince any words. He made it amply clear that he wanted no other than a Disney Cars bike and my father had to pay a pretty penny for it! Beware …brand loyalty starts very early!!:-) 

So with his new bike around, I read a book on the most famous monkey on wheels, Curious George.  Curious George rides a bike” by H.A Rey. To celebrate their third year anniversary, George’s friend, the man with a yellow hat, buys him a bicycle. Riding the bike near his house leads him to most amusing  adventures from delivering newspapers to floating paper boats down a river because of which he trips over a rock that damages his cycle. While trying to make do with one wheel, he meets the director of an animal show who straightens his wheel and allows to participate in the show. As usual, he squanders this opportunity due to his unrelenting mischief only to later redeem himself by helping the rescue of a lost bear with the help of his bike!! So…if you have a curious little monkey monkeying around with his bike …this book is for you and your monkey!


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