Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Abhay goes to the library!

When we left the US last month, if not anything else, one thing I felt most certain I would miss was the American public library system. I almost got emotional on my last visit to the Hillsboro public library as I looked at the two storied structure one last time wondering if I will ever find such an extensive collection of books, CDs and other resources both for me and for my five year old. Well, I'm glad to announce that I’ve almost found not one but plenty of such options in Bangalore ! In the past one month, I discovered many places exclusively catering to my favorite category – children’s books! One such library we enrolled Abhay into is the Hippo Campus located in Koramangala, a wonderful place for kids to read, reflect, listen to stories and participate in events. Another chain of libraries with branches across Bangalore and many other cities in India is Just Books, a facility that houses just books for the whole family. Of course, they are not free like the public libraries in the US …but like they say - there’s no such a thing like a free lunch...especially true in India.:-) 

Since we have resumed our weekly visits to the library, I read “Maisy goes to the Library” by Lucy Cousins. Maisy loves going to the library to read a nice little book in a quiet little place! So one day when she visits the library, she is in the mood for a book about a fish. She looks all around but cannot find what she wants. She decides to do others things one can do in the library – use the computer, listen to music, make copies of her favorite picture and gaze at the fish in the aquarium  and that’s exactly where she finds a book about fish! Just as she settles in a quiet corner to read the book, she meets her friends who Tallulah and Cyril who have come for story time! Maisy too decides to attend the story time conducted by the Ostrich. All of them  listen to the amusing story of an old lady who swallowed a fly …. and cant stop laughing even as they check out books and leave the library and so ends Maisy's fun filled day at the library! Thanks to the new age libraries of Bangalore - one reason less to miss Portland! Cheers to Namma Bengaluru!  


  1. i was going to tell u to go to just books, but glad u discovered it... kabir loves going to just books too.. he just sits on the floor and looks at all the picture books...