Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Growing story!

As we slowly settle into our Bangalore house, finding space for Abhay’s new toys has been a challenge. In 2008, when we moved out of this house, being just a year old, Abhay’s toys were too few to be stored or organized and now we have run out of storage options for his toys! The only option left to give away his old toys only to make space for his recently bought toys and this a vicious cycle - buy them - grow out of them - give them away and buy some more! So as I was clearing all of the old stuff, it was a trip down the memory lane for me.  As I put his rattling toys, shape sorters, bead maze, stack up pyramid, walker and baby bassinet into a box to be donated , I couldn’t help but wonder how quickly our kids grow up! Before I realize, soon his LEGO blocks, his bicycle and his radio control car too would go in a box to be given away as Abhay’s old toys that once played with as a five year old boy! 

On the eve of Abhay’s fifth birthday tomorrow, I read Ruth Kruass and Helen Oxenbury’s classic “The Growing Story”. This is a story of a boy, his puppy and his chicken and how they all grow. It is summer and the little boy found everything around him growing- the leaves on trees, the grass, the flowers on plants and wondered aloud if his puppy and chicks were growing too. When his mother answered in the affirmative, he finally asks if he is growing too. “Of course” said his mother. As the days grew longer and the air got warmer, his mother put away his warm clothes in a box to be used in the next winter. Soon the chicks grew taller and rose to the boys’ waist. The puppy grew into a dog and reached the boy’s head. The little boy was dismayed that everyone was growing – everyone but him! He felt that he was just the same and complained to his mother that he was not growing! As the summer ended and transitioned into cold weather, his mother took out his warm clothes and asked him to put them on. When he did, he found that his sweater was tight and pants were short and was finally thrilled that he was growing too! This is a story more for the moms than the little ones – to celebrate each and every moment of their childhood as our precious little ones are growing too!!!!


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  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I just looked up rent toys online. This one's definitely helpful!