Monday, March 24, 2014

Me and my Body!

“Wiggle your nose”, “blink your eyes”, “show me your ears” is what we would have our toddlers do in order to help them discover their own bodies. Children are naturally curious about their own bodies and this curiosity will only grow and change with age. My seven year old is at a stage where he is not only curious about his body but is also more curious about the differences between him and others. In fact some of his questions are simple and straight forward, some seem simple but the answers don’t lend themselves to being age appropriate and some though innocent are downright embarrassing! J Nevertheless, we’ve always encouraged him to ask questions ….as curiosity leads to awareness and awareness leads to understanding. Mind you….. as your kids are growing up…’d better pull up your socks and get your science right! If not…there always Google! J

So today we read “The Secrets of Our Body” put together by Macaw publications, a book my dad suggested I pick up for Abhay at a book fair in Mangalore. This book contains a series of “Tell-me-why” kind of questions about the human body. The book also features those tricky aspects of our body that are most often joked and not taken seriously. Accompanied by comical illustrations, this book seeks to unravel the science behind some of the routine functions of the human body - from why do we sneeze or to why do we have to pee or why do we get hungry to why do we have have tears ? Ideally meant for kids aged six and above, this book allows your young reader to discover facts of the human body while having a good laugh over its caricature-like characters! But don’t blame me if your little one cant stop giggling at the boy with a bulging tummy or with a sneeze forceful enough to drive away his pets!

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