Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little Monsters!

"Let the wild rumpus start!!!!!" the first thing that came to my mind as I got to know about today's reading prompt - Monsters and Dragons. Children are fascinated with magical creatures like monsters and dragons. These so called monsters are hardly the scary creatures you would keep your little one away from, but silly little characters they can  can easily relate to and have a hearty laugh over. Who wouldn't be amused by a nose-picking, burping monster trying hard to look scary??  Not to forget...monsters make great tools for pretend play and dress up! What's life without a little mischief and muddle with your little one...huh? Go on …….let your little monster explore his wild side!!!!

Let your little one roar his terrible roar, gnash his terrible teeth and show his terrible little Max in Maurice Sendak’s "Where the wild things are"! A must-read classic that explores the power of a child's imagination! We first revisited the world of wild things today!

Another book that comes to my mind is Leonardo, the Terrible Monster by our favourite author Mo Willems which beautifully conveys the message to accept who you are and to make peace with your true self. We had just read "The Rumblewick and Dinner Dragons" by Hiawyn Oram and Sarah Warburton, a quirky comic tale on how to befriend the dragon by a story pie!

While we've been reading together, Abhay has also been reading on his own "The Monster-hunters" by Parinita Shetty and illustrated by Pooja Puttenkolam, part of the hole book series for younger readers by Duckbill publications. A delightful read that  revolves around two best friends Abhay (Yes.....and our seven year old was totally kicked about reading his namesake!)and Nithya who go finding  monsters in theirs and their friends rooms as a part of their class project. Abhay enjoyed the book and in fact imagined himself and his friend doing the same! :-)

For our reading adventure together, we also read "Vile - A Cautionary Tale for Little Monsters" by Mark Robinson and illustrated by Sarah Horne. At the start of a brand new term at Beastville, little monsters are faced with the choice between 'The Ancient school of Manners' for bright, smiling and friendly little monsters and the 'University of Vile' for the mean little monsters. The University of Vile encourages the monsters to explore their true potential of being the naughtiest, meanest and the dirtiest monsters of all! So at University of Vile, its vital that the students are messy, loud and spiteful in classroom, play with food and burp loudly at lunchtime,  experiment and explore with toxic and stinky gases without goggles or safety wear, and then be unfair and not take turns at the playground! Wow....University of Vile sounds fun...right?? One day, two little monsters are out playing when they fall into a big hole in the ground. As they try to shove one another to get out, they realize that there is only one way to do so - is to co-operate. The next day when everyone, including the Principal gets to hear of their good act, they are banned from the University of Vile as having disgraced the mecca of mischief! The two little monsters join the ancient school of manners instead and learn the right way of life and graduate as good little monsters at the end of the school term. Well...not quite they indulge in what is probably their last act of mischief - as the university of Vile is shown exploding to bits! A funny little that is sure to have your little monster in splits! 


  1. Covered lot of little monster related books here. Good read. Thanks . -R