Saturday, March 22, 2014

Clara Button and the Magical hat day!

Abhay is extremely particular about his appearance   So much so that even at home or when he attends his weekly music or tennis classes near home, he is always trying to make a style statement - either his own or Bollywood inspired! For a while, our little fashion icon was into sleeveless waste coats and hats a la Dhoom 3 (Thank God that's over!) Anyway, the fall-out of all this is his little wardrobe that always looks like it's just been ransacked! Though we've mutually sorted his clothes into home clothes, music/tennis class clothes, outer wear and special occasion clothes, he couldn't care less and tries on whatever he likes, whatever be the occasion or not! So now, whether any other wardrobe is locked or not, Abhay's is most definitely always under lock and key!!!  

Come to think of it, I have always had a wardrobe issue with Abhay even when he was toddler! So one of our favourite books has been Mo Willems' "Naked Mole Rat gets dressed" -   brought out in the context of Wilbur's, a mole rat's fascination with clothes, this a great book on holding on to one's individuality and not being afraid to speak one's mind! 

For your little one, who loves to try on different costumes, there's Curious George "Costumes" by Margret and H.A.Rey from  Curious about Phonics series. For the Indian girl that you are and have or wish to have ...there is  "Granny Sari" by Asha Nehamaiah and by "My Dadima wears a Sari" Kashmira Seth and the ever so popular My Mother's Sari by Sandhya Rao.

Today reading for the 30 books in 30 days reading challenge is  "Clara Button and the Magical Hat day" by Amy Del La Haye and pictures by Emily Sutton. Little Clara has a fetish for hats and is particularly fond of her late grandmother Elise's exquisitely crafted hat, which her older brother mindlessly steps on. Clara is heart broken as she thinks she shares a special connection with her granny who was herself a milliner (Person who makes hats). To cheer up her daughter, Clara's mother takes the children to London's famous Victoria and Albert museum. This book also provides an armchair tour of one of world's famous museums. In the hope of finding someone to mend her broken hat, Clara carries her grandma's hat in her backpack. While Clara's jaded brother Ollie tours a part of the museum that displays weapons and artifacts of kings and rulers in the past, including the famous tiger statue named after Tippu Sultan, Clara  stumbles upon a section that is full of hats of various shapes and sizes and literally loses herself in it! Finally she finds a "hat doctor" who fixes her grandma's hat, much to her mother's relief! While this book highlights a little girl's penchant for beautiful creations, it works on different levels, including subtly showcasing sibling rivalry which is easily relatable if you have big-brother-little sister duo at home! Sure to serve as guide book for an upcoming visit to the museum, this is a great read not only for its story but also for its stunning visuals and imagery of London's streets and of  the Victoria and Albert museum. A relaxing read ...especially on a lazy weekend like this!:-)


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