Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Rumblewick lift -a-flap!

One of the best things about joining the 30 books in 30 days challenge promoted by Bubble ink is that I get to post books in random, apart from the situational books that I normally post on Onestoryaday. So today's book is one such that wouldn't have found its way on Onestoryaday but for the day's prompt - "Lift a flap, pull the tab and I spy" books. Lift-a-flap or peek-a-boo books takes me down memory lane which I have been treading quite often on Onestoryaday, thanks to the month-long challenge! Just as I was about to look back at some of our earlier lift-a-flaps, I remembered this British Library book that is in some ways a young readers’ version of a “Lift-a-flap” book.

Rumblewick and Dinner dragons” by Hiawyn Oram and Sarah Warburton is a quirky comic tale of Rumblewick Spellcracker Mortimer B, a cat to witch named Haggy Aggy narrated through the medium of letters written to his friend Grimey. With humour meant to be understood by slightly older kids, each page of this book has a letter or note or a list smartly tucked in or hidden to be drawn out by your young reader, thus giving the same thrill as an “I spy” book.  Haggy Aggy was the only witchdom who wears pink and keeps off broomsticks and sympathises with dragons. So Rumbie pours his heart out to his best friend through his letters. Things only get worse when Haggy Aggy decides to throw a dinner party and expects Rumbie to share his bed with a dragon named Nostrella. Rumbie who is scared stiff to be roomies with a dragon who looks like he is ready to have Rumbie for dessert. But almost as soon as Nostrella is under the covers, she sheds copious tears as she wants to go home. As Rumbie's room is deluged by Nostrella's pool size tears, Rumbie hits upon an idea to throw a midnight feast comprising of a concoction of games called the "Game soup' as starter, and a "Story pie" weaving tales from his private diaries as the main course and a whirlwind ride on the broomstick called "home made iced scream" for dessert......that Nostrella loved so much that she got other dragons to join in too making them Rumbie's new best friends! Wouldn't we love to get started on game soup, story pie and relish the home made iced scream!!!  Needless to say, we loved the book and loved its lift-the-flap letters, lists and spells, and thanks to bubble ink to giving me an opportunity to write about it on Onestoryaday!


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