Monday, September 3, 2012

Come September .....


Come September and in most parts of the Western world, it means the end of summer and the beginning of Fall or Autumn, a season I miss the most after having moved back to India. Come September and it means the start of the festival season in India, something I used to miss the most while living in the US!  J While I loved the fall colors in all its hues, I wished I could be India to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi the way it was meant to be! Now that I can attend the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in my native town, I miss the short but beautiful drives around the city of Hillsboro along its trees with the leaves changing color from bright green to deep reds, golden or brown!  I guess it’s a  rule of human nature to miss most what you don’t have and gloss over what you actually have!! Well… this case…..I can say that the leaves are redder on the other side! J

I had read many books on the fall foliage in Autumn when in US and I wasn’t expecting to lay my hands on any such book on the season of Autumn. I must say that I am constantly surprised by what I find in Bangalore’s book shops! JKheer on a Full Moon Night” by Mala Kumar and Manisha Chaudary, illustrated by Priya Kuriyan a Level 2 Early Reader that is a part of the Rituchakra series on the cycle of season brought out by Pratham publications.  The rains have stopped but winter is not here yet. A little girl wonders what season it is, when her grandma tells her about autumn, the season full of festivals. A season to hang the thoranam made of mango leaves on the front door. A season of celebrations that begins with a full moon night called Sharat Poornima when kheer is prepared , followed by Onam famous for its Rangoli made of flowers, then Dasara that ushers in mid-term vacations for most schools, finally culminating with the festival of lights, Deepavali. The little girl takes the reader through the above festivals and the way they are observed across the country.  Accompanied by colourful illustrations, this book is a good introduction for your little one to the festivities and goodies to look forward to, this season!  Enjoy your kheer this autumn everyone!

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