Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Sixth Birthday - Part II


Birthdays are meant to be celebrated …..especially when you’ve just turned  six! Being six has its own perks….it means you are a big boy or in league with the big kids! Being six means you are in the reckoning for most charges applicable for kids! At the same time, being six has its own share of responsibilities too… means you are on your own…at mealtime or bedtime! Being six means you let the younger kids have their turn first! Being six also means you don’t get to ask for a balloon at a birthday party! J We decided to kickstart Abhay’s transition into big-boyhood with a bang! After almost five years, we hosted his birthday party at our rooftop penthouse  (the last birthday we hosted in the same location was his first birthday!) For a moment, the sudden rain that lashed the city late Saturday afternoon threatened to wash out our rooftop party! Added to this, Abhay’s viral infection made a comeback to wish him on his birthday! ( Typical...they always have to fall to sick on important days!) But as the rain let up, kids walked in and we saw Abhay get back into his best element! What’s birthday without friends, right? So we had his close cousins and some of his friends from the neighborhood come in and bust open the star shaped piñata that was the highlight of the Abhay's birthday celebration - Part II !


So post his birthday bash, I read to him “Arthur’s Birthday” by Marc Brown, a book series turned into a much loved television programming on PBS kids (more than Abhay, I used to love watching this in the US). Arthur can’t wait for his birthday and invites his whole class over for his party. But Muffy announces that her birthday party is on the same date and time as Arthur’s putting all the classmates in a fix! As the issue of birthday party divides the class and turns into a boys vs. girls debate, Arthur and Francine take the matter into their hands. They hatch up a plan and get everyone, including Muffy to walk into Arthur’s house only to be surprised by each other’s presence. Muffy gets lured into the surprise by Arthur’s letter promising her a gift too big to carry! Muffy is thrilled to find everyone at the party and both of them have joint party with amidst all of their friends. After all, what’s a birthday party without all your friends? So here’s thanking all of Abhay’s friends who made his day yesterday....hope to see you next year too!



  1. Birthdays indeed are meant to be celebrated. My son’s birthday was celebrated in one of the San Francisco venues this year. We were there for the vacation and also to meet his aunt. He did miss his friends a lot but we surely are also going to have a Part II party for him once we are back. It was lovely going through this post.

    1. Sorry about my belated response, but thank you for stopping by and your encouraging words.