Friday, September 7, 2012

A Matter of Choice!

While many aspects of our life or lifestyle are a matter of choice, many such are not! Freedom of choice depends on various factors like age, sex, society and culture, and the times we live in, etc. What has become a matter of choice today, was probably not, a few years ago; Or what is not matter of choice for my five year old now, may become one (at least so hopes Abhay!)  Or as you move into a different phase of life, like marriage or parenthood, you realize that what was earlier a choice has now turned into compulsion! Or what seems like a choice actually turns out to be illusory or rather no choice at all! The reason for my rambling on choice is that Abhay recently asked me as to why we can’t choose certain things – like one’s parents or the question of being vegetarian, for instance. Well, unfortunately my dear, you don’t have a choice on the former and as far as the latter, you can exercise your choice once you grow up! Suddenly I realized that I don’t have a choice but to accept the fact that these questions are only going to get tougher! J

While he may not be able to choose most things in his life right now, it doesn’t harm to think about the future and vicariously decide on his choices, right away! A couple of days after he asked me about his choices in life, I found  You Choose” by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart at the Youth section at the British library. This is a colorful book full of interesting and vivid illustrations on almost everything under the sun for your little one to choose for his life ahead!  I must say it is a good book to choose if your little one is intrigued by the illustrations of everyday things around him! So starting from where would he want to live? On the seaside, a rainforest, desert, snow mountains, or a city with its high rise buildings! He’d have complete freedom to choose a friend who could be a pirate, a caveman, may be the king and the queen, or a vampire or a  beautiful ballerina! What kind of a home would he want to live in? An Apartment, a Victorian style house, a castle, a spaceship, a windmill or an igloo? What would be his choice for travel? By way of a rocket, a hot air balloon, a race car, a bullet train or Santa’s sledge? When he got hungry, what would he eat? Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich, Spaghetti, pancakes or good old jelly and ice cream ( With pictures of only junk food …..why wouldn’t they?) What would he want  wear or what kind of shoes or a hat would he choose? ( This is always the bone of contention between Abhay and me!)  What kind of a job he’d like to do? Become a scuba diver, a magician, or a Rockstar, or a clown or a fireman? What would he do for fun? Skiing , bungee jumping, gardening or ball room dancing? Faced with such exhausting number of choices, anyone is bound to get tired and so finally your little one is asked to choose where he wants to sleep? On a king size bed, a bunk bed, a simple sleeping bag or a bassinet? Ask your little one to choose quick so that you can choose the words you’ve been dying to say out loud, Phew! “Goodnight”! J




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