Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where is my ball?

 Most of you must be familiar with the mystery of the ever-elusive toy at home! No matter how many times you help your little one find it, it still goes missing the next minute!  No matter how many such similar looking toys your little brat has, he does not let you rest in peace until you’ve dug out this one, in particular! No matter what time of the day it is or how busy everyone is, your little nag still manages to get the whole house to hunt for his perpetually missing favorite toy! No matter how many times you’ve warned him of misplacing the toy unless he’s careful, he still approaches you with a sheepish smile when it disappears! No matter who’s to blame for its disappearance, he'll still throw “find-it-now or else...." tantrums!  Well, Abhay had his moment yesterday when his favorite smiley ball went missing …for the millionth time! Until recently, it was everywhere  – on the living room sofa, on the dining table, on the bathroom counter, on his bedside when suddenly it was gone! Out of the blue, Abhay remembered his favorite toy last evening and held the whole house to ransom, until I happen to spot it literally right under his nose....much to everyone's relief! :-) 

Co-incidentally, I found a book that I had recently picked up from 'The Sapna Book house' quite apt for our situation! 'Where is my bat" by Meera Tendolkar and illustrated by Rijutha Ghate, a Level 1 Early Reader from Pratham publications, which stands true to its level of difficulty, unlike a few other early readers from the same publisher. As the name suggests, this is about a boy who has  misplaced his cricket bat! He tries to look for it everywhere - behind the door, under the bed, on the shelf, in the attic, inside the toy box but his bat is nowhere to be found. Finally, he sees his mischievous little sister playing right outside his window with what appears to be his bat!:-) So...the next time your little one loses his toy - ask him look for it right where he is! :-)

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