Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Perfect Child!

Some say there is no such thing as perfection, but if you chase it, you may be able to achieve excellence. While it is admirable to try and attain perfection at work or on a professional level, I wonder if it is possible or even desirable to achieve the same on the personal front. For instance, there is no ‘perfect husband’ or a ‘perfect wife’ but it lies in us to make them perfect for us! On the same lines, even though we may try to be the “perfect parent”, but who’s to judge? Striving for perfection can only add more pressure to the already stressed job of parenting! Similarly, we all know that no child is perfect and expecting your little one to be perfect in his school work or with his routine activities may be a little too much for him or her to take. So take heart, that you are a perfectly imperfect parent with a perfectly imperfect child! :-)

A book that I had picked up for Abhay is the reason for my pondering over perfection. "The Search for the Perfect child" by  Jan Fearnley is a book that had set me thinking and so I had to pick it up! This is a story about Fido Fonteyn, the coolest, cleverest, sharpest detective dog in the whole world who is now on the lookout for the perfect child. He is unfazed when people explain that there is no such a thing as a perfect child but is determined to sniff one out! He tries to understand what makes a perfect child? Some believe that a perfect child is artistic, one who is kind to animals, or one who likes to grow things; Others say that the perfect child has style;He is always happy to help out with the chores, never complains about taking bath, and has varied interests like bugs, dinosaurs, etc; The Perfect child loves to monkey around and is always polite and well spoken! As you read on and wonder just where will one find such a perfect child, Fido reveals that he has finally laid his eyes on one. Who, you may ask? Get your little one to turn to the last page, where Fido holds up a note saying “YOU”! So Abhay…just remember, no matter what you do…you will always be perfect for me!

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