Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Potatoes for the prince??

The recent issue of "Parent Edge" has a feature dedicated to “Handling fussy eaters” and most hapless parents of fussy eaters know that a child is either born a “hearty” or a “picky” eater – and there’s not much you can do until they grow out of it! J If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’d probably know that Abhay is legendarily fussy about food! I had even done a week-long special on books on picky eaters! I’m sorry I know …I am not helping myself by labeling my seven year old a “fussy” eater…he’ll only grow comfortable with that tag …and will probably get stuck with it his entire life!:-) To be fair, I must say that it gets better with age……I mean Abhay’s list of food declared unacceptable has drastically come down over the years. For instance, in fruits, mango and papaya have progressed from the “Hate it” list to the “Love it” list, while water-melon is still on the “Last choice’ list. Similarly, the mandatory soya milk has given way to once-in-a-while regular dairy milk or brinjal has definitely moved up the tolerance scale and drumstick is at least on “Will have if the last choice on the earth” list! But no matter what, there will always be some kind of food, be it vegetable or fruit….that’s not only an absolute ‘no-no’ but also on the “rather perish than eat it” list…..and for Abhay, that food is ……the ubiquitous aloo (potatoe)!!!! So you see….no parenting magazine can help me!!!

Though I know this book, like all my earlier books on picky eaters would be of no help when it comes to Abhay’s food fuss factor, I went about reading this one anyway. “The Princess and the Peas” by Caryl hart and Sarah Warburton, as the caption goes “funny tale for royally fussy eaters everywhere” is a fun spin off on the age old fairy tale narrated in hilarious rhyming verse. Lily Rose May is a prim and proper girl who is always at her best behavior except when she is offered peas, she throws a fit! So her father dashes off to the library to find a book (like me!) on the perfect peas recipe, but nothing can make her eat her peas. So the doctor is called on who believes she is afflicted with "Princessites", a condition that is supposed to have arisen out of the “Princess and the pea” story, with a ban issued on eating peas for all the princesses! As princess Lily-Rose May  sets off to enjoy her royal stay at a a palace which is obviously is a “No-pea-zone”,  she realizes that the peas are greener on the other side, as she’d much rather try to eat her father’s peas than try the cold cabbage stew that is offered day in and day out at the palace! So now Lily Rose May is an expert in peas and is seen eating her peas dipped with ketch-up, chocolate and cheese! So how about potatoes for our prince?? Hmm..........that will probably  only stew up a another blogpost!!!  :-)

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