Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bink and Golie

I needn’t dwell any more about my fascination with children’s books. Well, frankly nothing excites me as much as children’s books!  The excitement of finding the perfect book for Abhay carries me through the entire day! I have always been a book lover and hope to see my son and many more children turn book lovers. So when it comes to birthdays, I always gift books!! When it comes to Abhay's birthday…you can be certain that return gifts too would be books! ! Of course…..I’ve faced some dissent within the family (including Abhay) who see no point in gifting books to one of Abhay's younger cousins in my native village for whom a gift of a car or a truck would have been a sure-shot hit! ! But hey! doesn't matter where you are or how young is your child ...its never too early to start reading! Isn't it? 

So imagine my excitement as I found this Early Reader when I stopped by the British library on the way back from Court. Just before moving back to India, I remember having gifted  this book to one of Abhay's older friends in Portland probably on her sixth birthday. Ideal for  emergent readers I'd hoped that she'd like the book and wondered if I'd ever find something like this in India in a couple of years when Abhay would be ready for an Early Reader! So when I stumbled upon the familiar cover of  "Bink and Golie" truly felt like my lucky day! "Bink and Golie" by Camillo and Alison McGhee and illustrated by Tony Fucile, held as an exceptional book for Early Readers, follows the quirky adventures of tall and tiny Golie and Bink through three hilarious stories narrated in an Early Reader format.  Bink is the chirpy one who loves to gorge on Golie's pancakes. Golie is the jaded explorer who loves to use long complicated words that Bink cant seem to understand. So amidst the familiar  words, there's "implore" or "compromise" or "top-quality" thrown in which can very well help to improve the vocabulary of  your emergent reader, however it may be to your peril!  While it was welcome that Abhay said  "Amma this is a top-quality book", I am not sure what to make sure of when Abhay ran up to his father and said "I implore you to buy me the toy I had earlier ask for"! :-)

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