Friday, January 3, 2014

It's a New year!

The New Year is here! As I discard the calender and diaries of 2013 and change the month back again to January on our date-day desk clock, I can’t help but look back at my posts for the New Year’s day in 20112012 and 2013 on Onestoryaday and find that the common thread running along all my New year’s posts is hope……and that’s what symbolizes the new year!  Whatever has happened or hasn’t happened in 2013…you hope to respectively forget or achieve in 2014!  Whatever has made or hasn’t made a difference in 2013, you hope to respectively retain or change the same in 2014! Whomever you haven’t met or have met in 2013…you hope to either meet or continue the journey in 2014! New Year is not only a time to take stock of the year that has been but also a time to plan for the year ahead. It’s the best time to schedule the year’s important moves, events and travels. For instance, the first thing I looked for in the Court calendar of this year is the Court’s summer vacation schedule! J

Anyway, as we are now set to move from January to December once again, I was on the look out for some book on New Year and like last year, I chanced upon a book meant more for toddlers than second graders and once again, like last year, having no choice but have Abhay read the same. “Kitten’s year” by Nancy Raines Day and Anne Mortimer. A kitten is shown doing many things through the year – he peeks in January (out of the snow covered window), toys with  February (playing with toys), stalks March, (exploring water lilies by the pond), paws April (with a spider), tumbles into May (rolling on a carpet of spring flowers), leaps at June (in summer delight), hides from sunny July, dozes through August, chases September (behind fall leaves), spooks October (with a Jack’O Lantern), sniffs November (for the fall treats), dreams December (of Santa) and wakes up the next year  grown into a cat! So with Abhay shall I say….So Abhay’s year will comprise of a jacketed January-February, modest March, ample April, mango May, back-to-school June, rainy July-August, sizzling 
September, festive October-November, dazzlingly christmassy December! 

Wishing everyone a joyous 2014! 

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