Sunday, September 1, 2013

Super Dad!

 Like most boys, Abhay too hero-worships his dad and no prizes for guessing that Abhay is out and out a daddy’s boy! Appa is his “go-to” person when he wants to get done something or get away with something or get himself something! If he wants to be entertained or humored …. then Appa is his man! Abhay’s is his Appa’s loyal audience ….guaranteed to laugh at all his PJs! Even some of Appa’s amateur artistic endeavours has Abhay referring to him as “A Great Artist” to his drawing teacher!  When Appa and Amma have an argument, Amma is always asked why and not Appa! Well, I have no problem as …..Appa is the parent Abhay turns to if he wants to cuddle sleep! Appa is the parent he wakes up if he has had a bad dream in the middle of the night! Appa is the one he approaches when he wants to use the restaurant restroom just when the food is served piping hot…. and.believe me I could not be anymore thankful for the same! :-)

Anyway, Abhay loves to slip into the Super-man costume that was handed down to him by his older cousins. Just the other day as I was returning from work, I saw a little Super man running up the street with a boy who looked like one of Abhay’s friends….it took me a couple of seconds to realize that he was none other than my little one! J So imagine my delight as I came across an Oxford University Press Early reader titled “Super-Dad” by Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta that has dad donning a Superman costume on its cover! J  I had meant to post this on Abhay’s dad’s birthday, which was exactly a week ago, but unfortunately, Abhay’s mom is not the supermom she wishes she be!:-) Anyway, a Level 2a Early Reader, Wilma and Wiff’s dad dons a Super-Man’s costume for the school charity. Wilma is embarrassed as she thinks dad looks silly but Wilf thinks he looks good (Of course…..a son!) But Wilma soon eats her words as her dad chases the thief who steals the donation money and nabs him in true "Super hero" style! So its not only Wilma, but the entire school cheers her Super –dad! Abhay loved this book …and as it was only level 2a, he managed to speed read this to his “Super-dad”! Hmm....all I can say is …..enjoy this phase until it lasts! J


  1. Hi Divya,

    Thanks for writing about my father-son bonding with Abhay. This is the best gift for my Birthday this year! :-) Credit goes to you as well since it was you who was pushing me to spend some time with Abhay when he was too little which then became a very natural thing between us! Thank you dear..

    Super-Dad :-)

  2. Congrats. Super. Dad.
    Good bonding dad & son. Good for his development.
    Happy for achhu!