Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Birthday - Handcrafted!

I can’t believe that it’s been seven years since Abhay was born on this day of September! A couple of years ago, the number seven seemed so distant and grown-up for a boy like Abhay. Now that it’s actually here, I am still not able to digest the fact that my baby is seven now. It means that I can no longer watch people gush over my reply as to the age of my little one or that I am are officially out of the “moms of little ones’ clubs or that I can no longer share my “infant experiences” as they are no longer “current” enough to be of any use or that I am probably expected to be able to work a little late on some days as my  little one is not so little anymore or that people think I have a lot of free time on my hands as my seven year old is supposedly mature and independent (I wish!)! Seriously people, age is nothing more than just a number! J

Anyway, as Abhay is supposed to be a big boy…isn’t he too old for a birthday party? “No” burst out his doting grandparents who offered to throw a party for their darling grandson (who will always be a baby for them!) at their farm house “Shristi” in Dharmasthala. What was supposed to be a low-key gathering with a few of the neighbourhood kids turned out to be a grand get-together with the extended family also joining in, as they had traveled to attend the annual “Ganesh Chaturthi” celebrations at our ancestral home the next day. In keeping with last year's tradition, we hung a handcrafted piñata which the children enjoyed breaking with a baseball bat. Inspired from two children’s plays, “Jujubee” and “Raja Tantra and Choo Mantra”, we also weaved a story around the piñata a.k.a “Raja Bringa-Brigada”,  who despises children and imposes unfair rules on them. So the children decide to rebel against the despotic king and rip him apart only to find candies inside! 

Also inspired from a friend and a fellow blogger, I had Abhay personalize the return gifts by handmade origami “Thank you” cards that were placed in the books that I had handpicked for all the kids according to their age and reading levels.

On the occasion of Abhay’s birthday, I had Abhay read “Ben Elf’s Birthday” from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom series. It is Ben Elf’s birthday and just as he is about to open his gift from his parents, the door bell rings and Holly, the fairy princess walks in apparently a little too early for the birthday party. When Ben asks her if she has brought a present, Holly appears unsure prompting Ben to guess that she may have actually forgotten Ben Elf’s birthday. Holly then rushes home so that she can make a card for Ben. She tries to use Nanny Plum’s magic spells to make her card but uses all the wrong words. What ensues is a kitchen disaster that is sorted out only when Nanny Plum stops all the magic going on in the castle, including the magic spell that creates a comfortable invisible chair for the Holly's father. Due to the forced ban on use of magic in the castle that day, Holly has to make a card without using any spells. Holly then draws a beautiful picture card for Ben and marvels at the amazing things that can be done without using magic. She then rushes back to Ben’s house just in time for the party with the handmade card as a gift. Ben is appreciative of her genuine effort sans magic which in many ways makes up for Holly having forgotten Ben’s birthday! So be it a piñata, card or a return gift – the experience is richer when you put in your sincere effort. Just as much, we enjoyed hosting Abhay’s birthday party based on certain “handmade, handcrafted and handpicked” ideas and events ….and so did Abhay and the kids! Happy Birthday Abhay! 

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