Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Teachers' Day!

We all remember doing something special for our teachers on the occasion of “Teacher’s day” on September 5th , when in school or even at college. But how many of us actually remember the same teachers as we grow up? For most of us, September 5th is like any other day except for a few articles in the daily newspaper or a few dedications on FM radio! It’s only when Abhay came up wanting to make a card for his class teacher that I remembered my past teachers at school, college and law college. When in school, a class teacher plays a pivotal role in a child’s school year, both in terms of academics and otherwise – a class teacher can make it your best or the worst school year!  For instance, the first thing you look out for as the school reopens is who your class teacher is and similarly the  class teacher figures uppermost while reminiscing about a particular school year or during school reunions. In a recent meeting with school friends, it was fun recollecting all our class teachers from Kindergarten to Class X…..and we remembered each and every one of them! The role of a teacher can never be undermined - beginning from a more nurturing yet instructive role at primary and middle school to a more supervisory yet involved role in high school and finally to a more understated yet insightful role in college – a huge thank you to all  the teachers in my life!

This week’s “Young World”, children’s supplement of the Hindu has a Teacher’s day special and today I read “"Teacher's Pet?"” by Indira Ananthakrishnan  from it’s Quick Read section. The school reopened and Mrs. Verma was the class V teacher and as she was recapitulating the lessons from the previous year, she noticed that all  students had done well except Muthu, who was a C-Grader. As she made enquiries with other teachers as to what was wrong, she learned that Muthu, a bright student otherwise, was trying to grapple with the tragic loss of his mother who had passed away during summer vacations. So Mrs. Verma took it upon herself to help him overcome his personal difficulties so that he could concentrate and excel in his academics. Muthu after all didn’t disappoint his teacher and came third in his final exams. On teacher’s day, Muthu thanked his teacher with a special gift – his mother’s pearl bracelet! Years went by and Muthu graduated from school and went on to pursue further studies. Years later, on Teachers’ day, the retired Mrs. Verma received a surprise package from one Dr. Muthuraman, M.D….whom she instantly recognized as her favorite student Muthu! An inspiring story dedicated to all the teachers who shape us into who we are! Happy Teachers’ day to all the teachers! 

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  1. Good blog. Divya.
    It is nice to recall student days on occasion like teacher's day. You are lucky to have school friends among whom u can share your growing up together in school; innocent years!.
    I enjoyed reading your blog.
    Keep going.