Monday, June 3, 2013

The Mango party!

Yesterday we had been to Rangashankara’s famous “Mango party” which is a one of a kind event held every year dedicated to the most awaited fruit of summer!  An open and free event that has each one bringing one kilo mangoes of any variety into the mango pool with a chance to sample as many a variety as one can! Since it was our first time at the mango party, we weren’t sure what to expect. But once we walked in with three kilos of the “Mallika” variety of mangoes, it didn’t take us long to join in with the rest, including the who’s who of Bangalore’s theatre fraternity in this gala celebration of sharing and savouring the king of fruits! Abhay though loves mangoes insists on relishing this fruit the so called civilized way – cut, sliced and served in a plate/bowl with a spoon or a fork! So when he found that he was supposed to scoop the pulp off its skin and work around the seed without the aid of a fork, he didn’t indulge as much as we thought he would! But when Arundhati Nag herself volunteered to show how to devour a mango peeled like banana, he did oblige but just enough to take a picture!

Well …..last year he wasn’t even ready to taste a mango, this year he wasn’t ready to taste any fruit other than the mango…..probably next year he will be ready to devour a mango like there’s no tomorrow…which is what we did at this year’s Mango Party! Abhay was fascinated to see different varieties of mangoes displayed and was particularly on the look-out for the Mundappa variety that was featured in Malvika Shetty’s “"The Sweetest mango"”.  The Mango Party at Rangashankara invited people to share some of their mango stories and ran a contest for the ten best “mango stories” On the occasion of the Mango party; I was look out for a mango story myself for Onestoryaday and remembered the most famous mythological story on the mango. The story of a Race between Ganesha and Kartikeya for a magical mango that couldn’t be shared! Sage Narada devises a ploy to find out the most intelligent of the true brothers and offers a special mango to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. On realizing that this fruit cannot be shared, they turn down the offer. Meanwhile Ganesh and Karthikeya stake claim to the fruit and a contest ensues between the two brothers for the mango! The contest is to go around the world thrice and the winner would walk away with the mango. Karthikeya wasted no time and embarked on his flight around the world on his divine vehicle the peacock. The contest taken in its literal sense made it almost impossible for the pot-bellied Ganesh to win, but being the Lord of Success that he was, Ganesha chose to go around his parents who meant the whole world to him and landed with the prized mango in his hands! One of Abhay’s favourite Ganesha stories, this one was also about one of his favourite fruits! Enjoy the rest of the mango season everyone!


  1. Sounds great Divya, there is another way too to eat mangoes, you have to soften the sides by pressing and its juice will get collected and press a little and voila u can drink the mango, u wouldve seen it in the movie outsourced :), Rishi learnt it from his dad and he likes to eat it that way now...same here two years before he doesnot even know about mangoes now he wants to eat it everyday...:)

  2. I tried leaving a comment a couple of times but something must have gone wrong as I dont see it here. Anyways,I am amazed at your resourcefulness and your interest in getting Abhay to experience the best of life's simple pleasures. Have you heard of a place called Tarangini in Sadashivnagar? It started out as a place to foster artisans trained in traditional fabric dyeing and printing but slowly grew into a cultural centre where the workshops range from puppet making for kids to fabric printing crash course for adults. You might want to check it out...that is if you havent already known and visited it ten times,the super-mom that you are..:)

  3. Yes Ramya..that is an amazing way to savour the mango!

    @ Sandhya - thanks a lot for your thoughtful words! I will check "Tarangini" ..looks like a real interesting place for another one of our weekend activities for Abhay!:-)