Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guddu's photo!

Once you become a parent, you become what is called ‘camera ready’…..anytime, anywhere or anyplace! I mean…who doesn’t love taking pictures of the little ones especially since sharing photos with friends and family has never been easier! However the only ones who don’t share the same enthusiasm as their parents are the kids themselves…with some exceptions. Well, one can’t expect young kids to take time off from exploring the world around them all for a mere photograph! But if you thought it would get better with age…think again. As our little celebrities get older, they have attitude issues with posing for the camera…….making us feel like the nosy paparazzi! Of course, some of the best pictures shot are the ones captured naturally without going through the ordeal of getting them to strike the perfect pose, but there are times you just wish they would oblige and at least look into the camera …let alone smile for you! A couple of days back, Abhay came into my office and saw me in my Advocate’s garb and couldn’t resist trying it on and when he did, I couldn’t resist taking a picture, much to his irritation. In fact, I get a jaded look every time I ask my six year old to pose for one of my ‘blog’ pictures …with an even more jaded question “For your bloooog, is it?”

Today we read about the plight of one such mom keen on taking a solo photo of her little boy who is turn hell-bent on posing for the camera with his toys. “Guddu’s Photo” written by Nandini Nayar of  "What should I make?" fame and illustrated by Zeel Sanghvi. Brought out as a bilingual book mainly for very young children by Tulika publishers, ‘Guddu’s photo’ is an endearing story of Guddu who refuses to smile for a photo without his toys! As Guddu’s mother makes him sit on the chair sans his favorite cat, dog, monkey, horse and parrot. As they move from indoors to outdoors to under the tree, to near the gate …Guddu’s favorite animals follow them everywhere not letting his mom click the camera! The illustrations bring alive the child’s imagination of his favorite toys without whom he feels left out. Finally …like all moms, Guddu’s mom too gives in and lets Guddu pose for the camera with all his favorite toys! Described as ideal for children aged three and above, this book incorporates a simple concept and weaves it into a charming tale. Packed with curious illustrations and repetitive sentences, easy for the younger kids to follow that can also double up as an early reader for young readers,  Guddu’s Photo” is sure to make your little one smile…..just make sure you have your  cameras ready!:-)

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