Thursday, May 23, 2013

Look what I've got!

We all have our share of insecurities - be it about our capabilities, careers, looks, acquisitions or possessions and so on and so forth. Many a times our insecurity quotient is determined by the way we view the successes and failures of the people around us! For instance, if X went on a exotic holiday (as seen in the photos posted on Facebook) or exhanged his old car for a swamky new one (never mind the whopping EMIs), or landed a high paying job (never mind high-pressure or crazy hours ) or lucky enough to get promoted (never mind that he actually worked hard for it ), or found the perfect life partner (we all know there is no such thing!), it is almost like X has a life and we dont! Of course, not everyone feels this way all the time...but almost everyone goes through this at some point or the other ..and the social networking sites are only adding to our insecurities! :-) But it is a matter of choice whether you get affected by this perceived inadequacy or simply brush it aside as having a bad day! Well, its the same with our little ones it may only be about the radio controlled toy or the Xbox that his friend has and he doesn't whereas tomorrow it will only get bigger and when it does.....will he be self-assured enough to make that choice??

I found a wonderful book at the British Library that carries a beautiful message in the most subtle manner. "Look what I got" by one of our favorite authors Anthony Browne, favourite because his books seem simple yet surreal, illustrations seem funny yet thought-provoking, and the running theme may seem plain yet is complex on many levels! So if you ever find a book by the said author, dont hesitate to pick it up! In this story, Jeremy is all the time trying to show off to Sam about what he has and what he thinks Sam wished he had! As Jeremy boasts about his  shiny new cycle, Sam looks unfazed and merely walks on and Jeremy ends up crashing his bicycle! Jeremy then shows off his football and as Sam joins him in the play, Jeremy realizes that Sam is brilliant at football. But all Jeremy can do is smash a window with his football that lands him in trouble! However hard Jeremy tries, he cannot get Sam to feel envious of what he has. He cannot stop himself from saying “Look what I've got, I bet you wish you had one” when he has a bag of lollipops, or a furry gorilla suit or a pirate costume, or an outing to the zoo, but Sam couldn't have cared less! It is Jeremy who is in a soup every time he parades his possessions and ends up being rescued by Sam! Sam may not have what Jeremy has but he seems contented and happy with himself and what he has! Abhay loved this story and found the illustrations relating to Jeremy's well-deserved mishaps quite funny. Hopefully he would imbibe the message sought to be conveyed. Mind you, this is a message not just for the little ones....the next time you feel someone saying to you "Look what I got"........just walk on!


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  2. Awesome!! loved this post :)

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