Monday, January 2, 2012

I know a lot of things!

Another year has gone by and here we are at the threshold of a brand new year – 2012. With the passing of each year, we become older, wiser, sometimes smarter and at times even cynical but nevertheless more experienced than we were before – in other words you now know a lot more than you knew before! For instance, back in January 2011, I didn’t know that in a year’s time, I’d be writing this blog post from Bangalore! Neither did my son know how much fun it actually is to be living with grandparents and nor did I know how relieved we would feel after moving back to our hometown!  Each year brings in new possibilities, new goals, new dreams, new challenges, and new perspectives – something new for everyone to learn, unlearn and relearn!  

Today I read a book titled “I know a lot of things”, which by the way, I didn’t know was a classic by Ann & Paul Rand. This book is also famous for the colorful and playful artwork by the legendary graphic designer Paul Rand. Narrated in witty and rhyming verses, this book brilliantly captures the excitement of a child as he discovers the world around him. You cant help but smile as a little boy confidently recounts all what he knows  - he knows that when he looks at the mirror, he sees himself and that a dog goes bowwow and that is how they talk and  he knows that the world is wide and the star is faraway and the moon is a light for the night and the sun is round as a bun and very bright  and that a book needs pages and a cake takes ages to bake! Finally, the icing on the cake is when he says “I know such a lot of things, but as I grow, I know I’ll know much more”! Abhay quite liked this book and found certain parts hilarious. He even began rattling out all the things he knew! So here’s hoping everyone knows much more this year than the year before. Happy New Year !

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