Thursday, January 19, 2012

Uh Oh!.....Look what I am going to do!

I have been frequently asked by many as to how do I manage to pick a book ideally suited to the situation discussed. The truth is I don’t always go looking for the perfect book. Of course, I try to find books associated with the different events and experiences Abhay goes through or may go through in the future. But it is also true that as any parent, I do pick up books in random and go “Hey…this is so much like the situation at home!” Similarly, there have been times when I have been just lucky to find the right books at the right time – like the book on washing hands..  That said, there have also been times when I wasn’t so lucky and had to make do with the available titles, even if I would have preferred to read something more appropriate to the situation. For instance, I looked everywhere for a specific title on daycare but found none as there were no Indian publications on the said subject and the foreign publications were not available. So I had to settle for one on schoolToday’s book is something I picked up while aimlessly browsing through the children’s books section of the library, though it didn’t relate to any particular context/situation in our lives. But Abhay liked the book so much that he decided to imitate the mischief in the book and provide a future context to the story!

Uh Oh! Harry and his bucket full of Dinosaurs is a step 1 early reader written by R.Schuyler Hooke and illustrated by Art Mawhinney. Little Harry is seen holding mom’s cup and Uh Oh! he accidentally breaks the cup. He first thinks of hiding the cup from his mom, but then decides to fix it with the help of his Dinosaur friends from Dino World. He jumps into his bucket full of dinosaurs and is transported into Dino World where he glues the pieces back to form a cup, only to realize that it leaks. He then heads home to find his old cup and repaints it to make his mom a new cup. Just then, his mom arrives and not only forgives his mistake but loves her new cup! So inspired from little Harry, Abhay too thinks breaking my cup is an exciting proposition! So ever since we’ve read the book, I have been safeguarding my favorite coffee cup from being shattered into pieces as a re-enactment of Harry and his Bucket full of dinosaurs!

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