Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An evening well spent!

Over the weekend, I met up with some of my school friends, whom I happen to see after almost 17 years….and as I write this I still can’t believe it’s been that long since I passed out of school! It was a nostalgic evening indeed – a time to recollect and relive those bittersweet moments of the good old school days. As we tried to remember how we were back then, in our green and cream uniforms, wondering who was in which section, recalling the names of our favorite and not-so-favorite teachers, revisiting those moments of mischief and banter inside and outside class, and while harking back to the age of adolescence and innocence, we were also excited to reconnect with each other, all over again.....like we never left! Though it was a reunion of just over 11 of us from the batch, it felt like we had the entire class of ’95 with us…..we remembered each and every one of you who couldn’t make it this time! For the ones, who made it happen, Three Cheers to the first Reunion of MIHS-95 and here’s wishing many more to come!!!!!

I took the liberty to post a couple of pictures on my blog considering we are all over Facebook!

 While I was catching up with my old friends, I had my husband take care of my son, and so had many of my friends. The father-son duo had the whole evening to themselves and I must say, they didn’t miss the mommy at all!!! So…is that a good thing or a bad thing? Hmmm….you can’t have the cake and eat it too! Right? Anyway, just like Abhay, today we read about a girl who likes to shop with her daddy! “I Shop with my Daddya level 1 Scholastic Reader, by Grace Maccarone and Denise Brunkus. A little girl is excited to drive to the store with her daddy, where they pull a cart and shop for groceries and vegetables when she eyes a packet of cookies.  (we’ve all been there, dealt and still dealing with that…right?) Her father asks her to put it away when they head to the bakery section and she picks a chocolate treat to which her dad refuses to  give in ( Not bad!) As they complete their shopping and it’s time to go home, the little girl makes a last ditch effort to extract some goodies from her dad and both of them make one more stop before they return home -  the ice cream counter! No wonder the kids love to go shopping with daddy! Similarly, when Abhay and daddy came to pick me up after their jaunt, he had a new toy to flaunt! So Abhay for one…is all for reunions….and so am I!!!:-)


  1. Hey Divya, thoroughly agree with you ! Get-togethers are indeed very refreshing !

    Guess, we should also thank all the dads who looked after all the lil ones, cos without them, the mummas wud not have made it and our reunion wud have been much less than a handful...

  2. we should do a re-union with the babies as well next time!

  3. I know Kiran...thanks to all the daddies! @ Rumah ....that would be a mad house..but sure fun!:-)