Friday, January 25, 2013

Rishi's Favorites

We have a very big list of favorites...of all Dr.Seuss collections are our all time favorite.

DrSeuss, Eric Carle, Syd hoff collections we enjoyed like anything.
When he was 1-11/2yrs he loved Brown brown bear series...This collection has brown bear brown bear, polar bear polar bear, panda bear panda bear  and baby bear baby bear...Over the years I saw its always a hit with kids. I should give my special thanks to Eric Carle and Bill Martin for it made my feeding process lot easier.

At 2-3years, Eric carle's collection was a hit. Especially the very hungry caterpillar. We read it in different ways. In the library story time they have these velvet stick ons of strawberry etc, and they made the kids to stick it on the board after the librarian finish the relevant page, which made it even more fun for the kids. I like Mixed-Up Chameleon but I am sure he wouldnt have understood much at that age or may be he did you never know about kids. I guess the name of the book clumsy beetle or the very quiet cricket when you open the book it will give the sound of cricket/beetle, he loved that idea and made me read it again and again just to hear the sound. There are lot more of Carle's collection we (!!!??) enjoyed together. 

Another one is the "Hug" book he got it as a return gift. Its also a hit among kids for sure. Good one to choose if you plan to do a story time among kids of all ages. And everytime he/we come up with different story as there is only illustration. Lorax by Seuss is still his favorite. At one point he memorized every word in the story. If I leave one line and go to the next page to finish it, he started pointing out you left this....I wouldve read that story n number of times. Even now he loved to see the movie "Lorax" at the age of 5. Long before Seuss gave a shout to save our planet in his own way. Beautiful story which explains the corporate greed which poses problems to our environment.

 At 3-4yrs, its Dr seuss, Jane yolen's Dinosaur series, Mo williems pigeon series and few more, Pigeon series is his favorite, i really dont understand what so funny in that book. He didnt let me return the book. Dont let the pigeon drive the bus was his favorite at that time i would say. Thanks to the beaverton librarian who so sweetly showed me the book and asked me to take it, otherwise its impossible for me to know about this series.

In the mid of 3-4 yrs when we came back to India no wonder I terribly missed the library in US, almost a year we didnt read much till we settle and found Pune just books which is quite a relief. Though it doesnot quench the thirst its definitely better than nothing. They have this nice collection of Amar Chitra Katha, Early learning volumes, Enid blyton series, some Dr seuss etc.....

So now at 5yrs we started Amar Chitra Katha, I wouldve read Ramayana, Krishna Stories, Marathi hero Shivaji stories more than 1 time (hee hee). I am lazy not so regular like Divya or the many moms out there. But when I write this blog I realized not bad :) though I dont know how much he remember the stories in the above list, but I hope it mightve stored somewhere and help him in the long run!. Thank you Divya for giving me this opportunity :) and i am a big fan of your story selection. Keep up the good work.


  1. Thanks Ramya for sharing Rishi's favorites.'ve been reading quite a lot to deserve a pat on your back for continuing the same in India:-) Believe me, but for this blog, I would have had the same fervour as in the US.
    I can totally relate to missing the public libraries back in Portland. The Beaverton library was certainly one of the best libraries in that area.
    Abhay also loved the "Dont let the Pigeon..." by Mo Willems...Abhay even picked up one title after finishing his summer reading programs in HIllsboro library ( which I dont know why I havent featured on my blog:-)
    It's great that we keep in touch like through our blogs...and keep our PDX memories live.
    All the best...thanks once again!
    I will share the same on FB and you can do too:-)

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  3. Thanks Divya, at times I get this urge to go and join some NGO and work for good libraries around here, may be I will do it someday :)...I got this Essence of India from Amar chitra Katha, I was deeply disappointed with the English in some of the books :( that made me miss PDX even more :(..