Friday, January 25, 2013

Farewell to Geetha-atte......

Over the last weekend we bade farewell to our beloved aunt Geetha, my father-in-law’s sister who was ailing for quite some time now. Geetha-atte as she was fondly called, was a sixty year special child with an amazing zest for life. With a mind of a five year old, Geetha-atte charmed everyone with her free-wheeling spirit, including Abhay who was extremely fond of her. Geetha-atte was in may ways Abhay's nanny rocking him  to sleep when he was an infant, an in-house play-mate, a peer to pretend play, boss over and and rival with - all rolled into one!  As she breathed her last on Sunday, I was quite anxious as to how Abhay would take the sight of everyone grieving over her death. But Abhay seemed quite composed as he watched his beloved Geetha-atte’s  body being taken away for cremation. He had one question though, “Which God will Geetha-atte go to – Vishnu, Shiva or Hanuman?”
Geetha-atte during healthier and happier times!

Since Abhay is a little too young to witness death on such close quarters, I was looking for some books on bereavement and landed this link of a famous book that reassures children that no matter what they will always be loved. "No matter what" by Debi Gliori  is a story of a young child named Small who is feeling grim and grumpy that no one loves him at all. Then Large, a character representative of a parent assures him that grim or not, no matter what, he will always be loved. Small then asks what he is a grizzly bear, or turns into a bug or becomes a crocodile, would he still be loved to which Large answers in the affirmative. Finally Small wonders aloud “What about when we’re dead and gone…would you still love me then, does love go on?” Large takes him to the window and asks him to gaze at the night sky full of bright and shining stars, some of them having died a long time ago and yet  continue to shine in the evening skies and thus finally concluding with a reassuring note that love like starlight never dies. So no matter what Abhay….you will always be loved by your loved ones. Similarly, Geetha-atte though no more…but her child-like enthusiasm and unconditional love will always live on!  Rest in peace …Geetha Karanth!


  1. Hi Divya,

    THANK YOU! This is a fine Good Bye to Geetha-athe. Whatever she was to Abhay (as you have described), she was all that to me, my sister Vidya and also many of my first cousins! As I look back and go down the memory lane (which I am doing involuntarily every day since last Sunday), it was amazing how much love she had to offer to all her relatives and how much we all loved her!

    Good Bye Geethathe. May your soul rest in peace...

  2. Nice write up. Who will now invite me unfailingly to 'Nompu' or fill me in on some interesting random tidbits!! Some people make u happy by just the sight/thought of them and Geeta atte was one such person for many of us. She was truly inspiring in so many ways but the biggest for me was the fact that I have never ever ever heard her whine or despair. And that I cant say for anyone else I know. Anyone. She loved wholeheartedly and lived a good life. Will miss her.