Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hanging out with Abhay!

I love doing what I do and could never see myself doing anything else other than practicing law! This is one thing most of my childhood friends can vouch for – I have always wanted to do law and ended up doing just that! As I passed out of college and enrolled myself as an advocate at the Karnataka bar, I had no idea how hectic my life would become once I joined my Senior’s chambers. Still, I didn’t mind the long hours, the hard work and the not-so-great pay as long I was enjoying doing what I was doing. All was well until I had Abhay and that’s when I realized that litigation does not spare any quality time for family…especially for a young mom with young kids! It’s a story of most women advocates! In the evenings, after Court work, we have office work to attend to while our kids come home to their grandparents or worse still,  the maid; We have clients to meet, lists to check and update, when all we want to do is check on our little one’s school work; No matter how hard we work during the day, our competency is always assessed by how late we stay! But come April, any litigation lawyer will be glad she chose to work in litigation, thanks to the month long vacation for Civil Courts! With courts closed for over four weeks, we can finally take our kids to the park or take them swimming or on a play date every evening ……..something we can only dream of when Courts are working!
Anyway, I can’t believe it’s been three days already since the civil courts closed…..hmmm....I could get used this! J Since I’ll get to spend more with Abhay, I read “Hanging out with Mom”, a Level 2 Scholastic Early reader by Sonia W. Black and illustrated by George Ford. Abhay of course could not read all of it by himself, but managed to read a little with help. A young boy is thrilled to see his mom come home from work early and requests her to take him to a park to play. Changing into their casual clothes, the boy and his mom head out. They first stop to grab some evening snacks and then drive to the park where he finds runners, hikers, basketball players, skaters and bikers. Young kids stop by the rabbit hutch and the older kids fly kites. The boy and his mom stop by the pond to feed the ducks and then race to the playground, the boy reaching first closely followed by his mom (moms are always last in the race ..right?). The boy slides down the giant slide while his mom waits for him at the bottom and as he climbs up the monkey bars, his mom cautions him to be careful. As they play in sand, they find sand in their shoes and in their hair, but they are having so much fun that they hardly care! As it turns dark, it’s time to go, but the boy is certain he will come back for sure as evenings in the park is the best part of the day – both for him and his mom! So….I hope Abhay’s looking forward to hanging out with his mom …..just as I am! Happy Holidays to my fellow advocates !!!

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