Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chugging off to a vacation...

With Abhay’s school closed for the summer and Bangalore’s Civil Courts following suit, there can be no better time than this to take a vacation from our routine lives. So we are off to Kerala for a week to relax and rejuvenate on the banks of the Vembanad lake along its backwaters. As we prepare to leave tonight on the train, I suddenly realized that it is Abhay’s first time on the Indian railways. He has been on the train before, but it was in the US and we all know that there is a huge difference between travelling from New York to Boston on Amtrack  and travelling from Bangalore to Kottayam on the Kuzhivelil Express! I, for one believe the latter is much more exciting than the former and am sure my curious little one would agree! Anyway, considering how much he is fascinated by trains and how obsessed he has been with the Thomas series, today's event deserves a mention on Onestoryaday but what a shame that  I don’t have any book lined up to celebrate the same! So making a last minute entry in our last minute packing checklist my last minute pick for the day!
Since I didnt have the time to make the trip to the library, I had to fall back on my  home collection....and Voila! What did I of our old favorites!  Although I did make a mention of this book in one of my earlier posts on trains, I guess I didnt do complete justice to this timeless made into an animated movie. "The Little Engine that Could" by Watty Piper, a book that needs no introduction puffed its way into our bedtime routine last night.  This is a story of determination and perseverence on the part of a little blue engine who took upon a challenge with a simple mantra "I think I can'! A little train rumbled over the tracks carrying a jolly load of toys, dolls, teddybears, picture puzzles,  fresh fruits and vegetables, candies, and other wonderful things for little boys and girls on the other side of the mountain. Then all of a sudden, she stopped with jerk and could not move any further. So all the toys decide to seek assistance from other engines to help them get to the other side of the mountain. First comes a shiny new engine, an important passenger engine, then a freight engine and then a rusty old engine - but no one obliges. Then  comes a little blue engine who has never pulled a train over the mountain. She is not sure if she is up to it, but is moved by the tears swelling down the dolls' faces and decides to help them. She puffs and chugs along saying  "I think I can...I think I can...I think I can" as she climbs up faster and faster until she reaches the top of the mountain when all the toys and dolls cheer. Down in the valley lay the city where good little boys and girls were waiting for the toys and treats carried by the little blue engine.....who now says "I thought I could, I thought I could, I thought I could"!! Thats the same mantra Im now chanting as I write this post last minute.........just before we are about head to the railway station! :-)

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