Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Happy Birthday my ninja nani!

Amma writes all these blogs about me and my sister.  Now it is I, Abhay Karanth,  expressing my thoughts on Onestoryaday. It is my  grandmother's birthday today! I always make cards for all of my family members' birthdays but this time I've decided to key in a guest post on Amma's blog as my grandmother is on a travel trip to Gujarat!   

What do grandmothers mean to us? To me, my grandmother is happiness, laughter, maths, football and fun!  My grandmother makes jokes when you least expect it and makes everyone laugh. I always practice Maths with my grandmother as she is a retired Maths professor and I don't forget to go brag about it at school, even to my teachers! 

One of my favourite TV shows is a show called "Young Sheldon" and I can relate to Sheldon's relationship with his grandmother whom he calls Meemaw. Meemaw is just like my grandmother except that my grandmother is more caring. Meemaw has a pet name for Sheldon and calls him 'Moonpie' and my grandmother calls me 'Acchu'. Meemaw means a lot to Sheldon and so does my grandma  to me!

As every post on amma's blog has a book a to go with, I read "Ninja Nani" by Lavanya Karthik.   Deepu is an ordinary boy and loves watching the TV show Ninja Dragon. But his grandmother is always sitting on the couch and watching her cooking shows. What can Deepu do? Snatch the remote! But while fighting for the remote, his nani goes bananas and turns into a ninja warrior and does all the moves that a Ninja  does! Well, will Deepu survive this crazy evening as nani uses her recently acquired ninja powers to catch the burglars in the park? Read on to find out.  I love the fact that Ninja nani is extremely funny and always cracking jokes but when it comes to her grandson, she is extremely protective....just like my grandma. I would give this book a 4.5 stars out of 5. 

I know my grandmother is going to read this so I would like to wish her a very happy birthday and this day comes once in a year and she should enjoy it. I would like to end by thanking every single grandmother in the world for always being there for your grand kids! Happy birthday to my Ninja nani. 


  1. Thank you so much Achhu my hero .We will continue this relationship like this .

  2. It is very nice and thoughtful of Achhu to write a blog on Sannajji his lovable and guru in every sense of word.
    She is her friend philosopher and guide.
    Keep it up Acchu.