Wednesday, December 23, 2015

An Oregonian Christmas!!

December always brings memories! Whether it's a time to reflect on the year that went by, or the wedding season or the holiday rush or simply the spirit of Christmas that takes over everyone and everything around - the last month of the year is almost always eventful! Christmas always reminds us of our short stay in the US and while it's been quite some time since we got back, this season takes me back to those days when we used to wait in line for our older one to sit on the lap of a "Mall Santa"! Now that the malls in Bangalore have caught up and seem to be sporting their own Santas... our younger one will want us to do an encore very soon!!!

So this Christmas... we took a trip down memory lane by reading a book gifted by a dear friend on her visit to India from Portland. "The Twelve Days of Christmas in Oregon" by Susan Blackaby and illustrated by Carolyn Conahan, is an Oregonian take on the traditional story, showcasing the specialities and highlights of Oregon.  Narrated in the form of letters written by Damon, a young boy during his visit to his cousin Liz and her family in Oregon, this book takes you on whirl wind tour of the Beaver State -from rainforest to desert to the mountains and to the beach. Accompanied by colourful illustrations, follow Liz and Damon as they begin their journey from the "Crown point" on the Historic Columbia River Highway on a trailer that looks like a cottage on wheels. As they make many a stopovers at various "must-see" spots like Crater lake, Painted hills, Mount Bachelor, and the city of Portland, the reader is acquainted with fun and fascinating facts about the state. Having visited many of the places featured, we took Abhay on a nostalgic slide show of old photos and pictures taken during what now seems to be a different era altogether! :-) Packed with light hearted wit and humour, breezy narrative and scrapbook styled imagery,  this makes an interesting read for everyone who lives, plans to live or has lived in Oregon! On a personal note.. several years may pass or we may be several thousands of miles away, but a quick read of this book is all it takes for us to revisit those memorable Oregonian days! A memorable Christmas to everyone!:-) 

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