Saturday, May 10, 2014


Mother's Day is round the corner and I have written enough extolling the pivotal role a mother plays in her child's life and the various hats she dons along the way!! Well, considering that my little one is currently in a "Mad at mommy" phase, let's look at why moms can be annoying at times!! Despite both mom and dad being equally involved in parenting today, by and large, moms are the ones who tend to be more hands-on, all-knowing and most definitely a step ahead of their partners in their parental thinking! After all, it's not for nothing that they put their careers on hold or rather take up more flexible options for the family! So it's no secret that mommies end up being the sous chef, principal dietician, first aid expert and logistics planner, time and activity schedulers ( running the risk of over scheduling) and the most intuitive mind-readers!  So also , mommies tend be the follow-up parent bordering on turning into a nag (in my case being a full-fledged nag), the edgier parent ( a fall out of too much follow-up), the parent who knows you better than yourself, the parent least likely to be prevailed upon and most likely to find it hard to let go! Oops...... I've turned out exactly like my mom!! Of course, as I grew up, I am thankful for the very same qualities that I had once found most annoying! Well, I just hope our little ones understand too!! Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies of the world!!!

"Mother's Day" being a must-post-day on Onestoryaday, guess which book we read today? In association with friend and fellow blogger, Bubbleink writes, I am participating in the treasure hunt of blogs as a part of Mother's Day week on Bubbleink.

 Here are the clues- This is a book by one of our favourite authors most of whose books we've read and loved on Onestoryaday.

The recipient of the prestigious Hans Christian Medal, this UK author has also been awarded the Children's laureate!

This book on moms is very similar in format and style to his other two books, one of which is on the counterpart! 

The book is in a way a tribute to motherhood and a celebration of her multi tasking abilities! The humour lies in how the child perceives the different roles she plays! It starts with the all pervading description of mom being nice ....... a fantastic cook, a brilliant juggler,a great painter ( shown standing in front of the mirror applying make-up), the strongest woman in the world (carrying umpteen  grocery bags)! While mom can sing like an angel, she can roar like a lion too and while is soft as a kitten, she can be tough as a Rhino! The brilliant illustrations convey their own story as  mom's beauty is likened to that of a butterfly, the colours of which metamorphoses into an armchair in turn symbolising the comfort of a mom's embrace!!! There is an acknowledgement of her sacrifice as she chooses to be a mom when she can be anyone she wants! The book ends with an expression of love that will always be the dominant factor between mommy and forever little one!!! Cheers to motherhood!