Thursday, July 18, 2013


Super-hero action figures are a big part of growing up and though boys are believed to be more enamored of them than girls, I guess movies or television series inspired from the comic book heroes have a universal appeal. Well, I remember being just as fascinated by “He-Man” as my cousin brother!  But the children of today are spoilt for choices when it comes to action super-heroes with a whole range of toys, merchandise and products based on their favorite superhero. Before they can put their creativity into use and visualize an imaginary play with Spider-Man, there is an X-Box or a Wii game that lets them do it! Before they can weave a fictional story about various action figures battling it out, all the super-hero franchises collaborate to cash in on the ultimate action movie! Of course, their loyalty to their declared favourites is to be measured on the basis of how much merchandise of their favorite super-hero, they can boast of!  Abhay was never into super-man, spider-man or bat-man until we took him to Iron Man III and ever since he has forced us into buying one of those iron man action figurines that he lugs around wherever he goes ……like a Barbie doll!:-)

Speaking of action figures, I found this book at the British Library that I had been wanting to read for a long time, but somehow could not lay my hands on the same. Recommended by the Hillsboro library’s children’s reading list, I don't know why it took me so long to read to my little hero! “The Traction Man is here” by Mimi Grey is a wonderful book that is both a parody and a tribute to all the super-hero figures that captivate our kids. A boy receives a gift of “Traction Man”- wearing combat boots, battle pants, and his warfare shirt, that comes wrapped in a box. The Traction Man soon accompanies the boy everywhere and the boy imagines his favorite action figure take on many a household adventures like launching a search for the sieve in the kitchen sink while it is the boy’s turn to do the dishes, or rescuing the dolls from being buried under the mulch by the garden spade, or saving the spoons from being swept away by the broom at Granny’s house and what’s more he dons a different costume for each of his numerous feats! Traction Man may not be your typical super hero jumping buildings or stopping moving trains but he can find a solution to the minor and major irritants around the house and working with everyday things lying around the house. Complemented by hilarious illustrations, this book takes you through the exciting world of a child’s imaginative play with his favorite toys!  So move over Iron man......for Traction Man is here! :-)

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