Thursday, February 7, 2013

Say cheese.....!

Yesterday was Abhay’s class photo-op at school and I couldn’t help but get nostalgic about our class photos back when we were in school! Standing on a four level set up assembled with our class benches and desks, we were a giggly bunch of girls posing for a photo every year and every time I happen to catch a glimpse of any of my class photos, they never fail to bring back memories of those carefree days! Class photos that appear frozen in time are an important facet of a student life as they foster a sense of belongingness and loyalty towards one's Alma Mater. So despite a mild fever and cold, Abhay was sent to school nevertheless as we don’t want him to wonder whyhe  wasn’t  in his Class I photo when someone uploads the same on Facebook twenty years later!

So today I looked up the youtube version of “Say Cheese”, part of the Charlie and Lola series by Lauren Child, since the library book had already been taken, as always…just when you need it! Lola is excited about getting her first school photo taken. But Charlie is skeptical about whether Lola could remain  a whole day without getting dirt on her shirt, or hair all tousled or shoes muddy like she did for other vacation photos. But Lola seems determined to prove her brother wrong and tries to demonstrate that she too can stay tidy and clean for the school photo and say cheese! So Lola she may wear her best outfit for the D-day, but cant resist splashing the innumerable puddles on the way to school and finger painting all over her dress, and finally her brother figures out a way to make her picture a special one despite all the mess and that saves the day! So here’s hoping Abhay put on his best smile when it was time for him to say cheese! When asked if he did  ….Abhay replied that no one in India says "cheese"! J

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