Sunday, November 11, 2012

Abhay's visit to the dentist!


While travelling around Gujarat last week, we discovered that Abhay’s front tooth was loose! Since we didn’t want to spoil Abhay’s vacation mood with a visit to the dentist, we let it wobble through our way back home. It was back to pavilion in Bangalore with things suddenly getting hectic at work (a post vacation price for a week’s vacation) and we were hoping that Abhay’s loose tooth would fall by itself so that we don’t have to take time off for a dentist visit! Last time it was my parents who saved us from the ordeal of having to take my little trauma king to the dentist but this time there was no way to avoid it! Since I couldn’t get away from work, it was my husband who got his hands dirty...I mean lirerally! Abhay was so petrified at the clinic that he refused to let the dentist touch his tooth forcing his dad to intervene and take over from the dentist! So while the dentist sprayed the anesthetic, it was his dad who extracted his loose tooth out! Whether Abhay let the dentist touch his tooth or not, he made sure he got the extracted tooth back to hand it over to the tooth fairy! J

In order to prep him up, I had got “Just going to the Dentist” part of the Little Critter series by Mercer Mayer. Little Critter is not happy about going to the dentist but it seems as if he has no choice. At the dentist’s office, Little Critter didn’t mind waiting as the waiting room was filled with lots of toys and books (of course….there was no such thing at Abhay’s dentist) As he was ushered into the dentist’s chamber, he felt it looked like a spaceship with a special chair. The nurse does the preliminary examination after which the dentist examines him. Little Critter is pretty kicked about being allowed to spit into a sink, something no adult had asked him to do before. The dentist finds a cavity in his tooth which he offers to fix right away. Though a little nervous about the anesthetic shot, the Doctor assures him that he wouldn’t feel a thing and so didn’t Little Critter. After some noisy drilling and cleaning of his cavity, Little Critter sails  through his dental check up! Feels like a breeze…isnt it? Well, it is the opposite in the real world! I just hope Abhay takes a cue from Little Critter and makes life easier for his dentist and all of us, the next time he has a loose tooth!

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