Thursday, July 12, 2012

Abhay's book of 'big' fears!

Never name your little one after something you want him to grow into because he’ll most probably turn into the opposite! I was hell bent on naming my son Abhay (meaning one who is fearless) even when it was not my husband’s first choice, only to realize a few years later that he is anything but fearless.  I know ….it’s probably too early to tell (which means…there is still hope!), but he doesn’t seem to outgrow any of his age old phobias, the evidence of which are my previous posts on some of them! Abhay still covers his ears when the pressure cooker whistle goes off (which will only get worse with our enclosed kitchen being redone into an open kitchen!), or when he suspects the approaching taxi/bus has a screeching horn (which is almost every other Indica or an Omini passing by) or still screams at the sight of a common fly or mosquito buzzing around (I have given up on this one!). Sigh!…..on hindsight, I should have simply named him after a God or a deity! J

Once again, I tried to tackle his phobias with a book. “Little Mouse’s Big Book of fears” by Emily Gravett is a mouse’s account of all his phobias. Stylishly illustrated, this is a smart and a witty tale of a mouse afflicted with panophobia (fear of everything!) He is scared of creepy crawlies like spiders, gets edgy around sharp knives, worries about what’s under the bed, is alarmed by loud noises ( Abhay has company!) scared of getting lost, hates being alone or in the dark, nervous around dogs, petrified of cats, practically fears even his shadow until the little mouse comes across a lady with musophobia, meaning, fear of rats! A unique picture book with unconventional die cut pages and aesthetically placed embellishments that are sure to interest readers of all ages. I know Abhay is not going to be thrilled reading about his "phobia" posts  when he grows up. So here's hoping that Abhay conquers his phobias before there are any more posts published on them on Onestoryaday! J

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